Administration Team

The Christian Brothers administer the school on behalf of the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha. Brothers currently fill the positions of Headmaster, Registrar and Form Four Coordinator whilst other Brothers take other roles within the school. The Headmaster, Deputy Headmasters and Business Manager are assisted by a School Advisory Board whose members have been appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture according to the 1980 Private School Board (establishment) Order.

School Advisory Board

The Board at present is committed to meet four or five times a year. Its duties are outlined in the National Education Act 1978 in respect to these Boards.

The School Board sees that its specific purpose is to give consideration to

  • Educational Acts and Policies of the Tanzanian Government
  • The Directives of the Ministry of Education and Culture
  • The Guidelines of the Diocesan Board of Education
  • The current vision of Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School
  • The patrimony of the Christian Brothers
  • Ensure that he school, in its daily operation, will be faithful to the spirit of all the above.

Specific Tasks of the Board include

  • Patrimony: to guarantee that the religious identity of the school is promoted and that the rights of all faiths are protected.
  • Report: to submit, through the owner, a report on the affairs of the school to the District Commissioner through the Inspector of Schools.
  • Accounts: to ensure that appropriate administrative procedures and accounts are kept.
  • Service: to ensure that the school is meeting all its financial and civic responsibilities.
  • Committees: To work towards having functional working committees that can oversee appropriate roles within the general administration of the school.
  • Review: To review annually the state of all the recommendations it has made and activities it has promoted.
  • Register: To keep a register of all its operations.

Appointment of Members

The Headmaster in consultation with the Board and other authorities nominates suitable people who are then appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture for a four-year term.

Administration Team

Leadership Team

Headmaster (Chair)
Deputy Headmaster A-Level
Deputy Headmaster O-Level
Academic Master
Boarding Master
Boarding Mistress

Teacher Supervisor

Curriculum Coordinator

Human Resource (HR)

Community Liaison Person




Curriculum Team

Academic Master (Chair)
Curriculum Coordinator
Head of Department – Language
Head of Department – Mathematics
Head of Department – Social Science
Head of Department – Science
Head of Department – Business Studies
Head of Department – Arts and Crafts

A-Level Leadership Team

Deputy Headmaster A-Level (Chair)
Form Six Coordinator
Form Five Coordinator
Headmaster – to attend from time to time
Child Protection Coordinator – to attend from time to time

O-Level Leadership Team

Deputy Headmaster O-Level (Chair)
Form Four Coordinator
Form Three Coordinator
Form Two Coordinator
Form One Coordinator
Headmaster – to attend form time to time
Child Protection Coordinator – to attend from time to time

Other Roles

Child Protection Coordinator – directly responsible to the Headmaster for monitoring the treatment of students at all levels and across the curriculum, the extra-curricular activities and in accommodation.

Dini Coordinator – directly responsible to the Headmaster for the Dini Programme of the school including the management of the teaching of Dini and the coordination of Dini Graduations for Forms Four and Six.

Sportsmaster – directly responsible to the Headmaster for the all interschool sporting activities including the appointment of coaches and managers as well as spectator activity.

Social Coordinator – nominated by and from within the staff to coordinate staff responses to individual staff happenings as well as staff celebrations, maintaining contact with the Headmaster on these events.

Food and Farm Coordinator – directly responsible to the Headmaster for non-teaching staff activity, purchases, and hygiene associated with the farm and provision of food to staff and students.

Boarding Master – directly responsible to the Headmaster and deputy Headmasters for all aspects of accommodation for boarding and hostel students.

Boarding Mistress

Note: role descriptions for all roles within the staff of the school are available in the Staff Handbook, published every two years and available to all teaching and administration staff.